I popped into Signal Corps this week to process some files on the WSW/Siemans for rjd2 and Lemaitre mixes. I'm relatively new to this console, and it might be blowing my mind. Sonic Scoop has a great article about WSW that mentions this console's original installation in Superfund before the studio moved to DUMBO and became Signal Corps.

Signal Corps also has BURL convertors, which I am possibly falling in love with - planning an a/b whenever my next free day pops up, will post when it happens.

Also, final mix prints for Julie Anne San Jose are happening in my Allen Street Studio as I type. Produced by OMEN, off to mastering with Heba Kadry - processed on the Helios at Waterfront, with final changes at Mercy. Everything about this project is delicious - can't wait for the release!