Rachel’s life in music began as soon as she could climb up to the piano bench. She learned to read music at the same time she learned to read words, and spent her childhood exploring classical composers in her living room. A teenage love for computer programming led her to music engineering, completing a degree in Music Production & Engineering from Berklee at the age of 20.

After Berklee, Rachel spent a year learning to mix with the legendary engineer Shelly Yakus at a private production studio outside of Philadelphia.  Around this time she also started working with producer Devin Greenwood, making records on 1/2” 8 tracks and full studio live ins. In 2008 she moved to Los Angeles to work in a larger community of music producers and engineers, working at both Redstar Recording in Silverlake and at Greg Wells’ private production studio in Culver City. 

Rachel’s first session with Greg was during Katy Perry's One of the Boys, joining the studio full time for MIKA's sophomore album, The Boy Who Knew Too Much.  During Rachel's time with Greg she also worked with P!nk, Rivers Cuomo, Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez, Jamie Cullum, Cathy Dennis, and Shelly Peiken (to name a few).

In 2010 Rachel returned to her native east coast, settling in to New York City and Waterfront Studios to mix. At Waterfront she had the opportunity to work with tape and vintage audio equipment more authentically than ever before, spending 5 years on a custom Helios console rebuilt by Dave Amels in a studio with an Ampex MM1000 and 3M M79 - all under the guidance of the brilliant Henry Hirsch. The experience changed her ears forever.

Rachel now mixes in various analog studios within the NYC community, deciding which space to use based on the equipment that will fit an individual project (if the mixes even call for analog - not everything does!). She then finishes up in her private mix room in DUMBO, and also travels to be with clients. Lately she's been working with GOLDSPACE, Stella Santana, Vincent Darby, Helado Negro, King Garbage, Federico Aubele, Gray Hawken, styles upon styles, RVNG Intl, Arum Rae, Blaise Moore, Rosehardt, Craig Stickland, Alborosie....

Rachel is also a Faculty Member at Berklee College of Music in the Music Production & Engineering Department and for the Online School. She teaches Creative Production Techniques, Multi-track Recording Techniques, Mixing, and The Art of Mixing.

To chat about working together, please contact Rachel through the contact button below. (tbh insta dm works sometimes, too. 💁‍♀️)