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Summer 2019 Mixing Workshop

8 Week. 4 Mixes. True Industry Experience.

Full Access: $595

• Weeky Chats

• Bi-weekly Mixes

• Professional Multi-tracks

• Rachel Alina Pro Tools Mix Template

** All workshop participants will receive 50% Educational Discount from izotope




Summer 2019 Mixing Workshop

July 1 - August 25: Weekly Chats + Bi-Weekly Mixes

Weekly live chats for mixing instruction: Each week, I’ll be hosting live Facebook video chats to show you whatever mixing skills you like. I’ll be using for sound so you have high quality audio, and as always the skills we cover will be geared towards what you need on any given week. *No purchase necessary, you will just receive a web URL to tune in.

Bi-Weekly mix submissions for feedback: Every OTHER week, you’ll be submitting a mix for feedback. You will have the option of submitting in the group for both peer feedback AND my feedback, or privately for my feedback alone.

More Thank Just a Workshop…Real World Mixing Experience

An opportunity for professional mixing credit: This is the addition for workshop I’m most excited about. For the mixes you’ll be working on, I’m gathering tracks from artists in my community here in New York City to include for class. The artists themselves will listen to everyone’s final mixes, and if they like one they will release it! Mixing credits are one of the best ways to fuel your career, and I’m so grateful to offer the opportunity for just that.

Flexibility to fit to your own career: You will also have the option of mixing whatever you like for the 4 mixes, you are not tied to the artists mixes I provide. If you have a project you’re working on that you would like to workshop before you release, you are absolutely welcome to use those mixes for your 4 class mixes.

Rachel Alina ProTools Template Session: I will be including an example of my own mix template. This will include all of my standard bussing and routing, as well as a few mix examples such as a starter vocal chain, drum bus, effects settings, parallel processing, and more!



About Me

About Me

If you’ve never worked with me before, you might like to check out an interview I gave for One Thing Real Quick* last month. Evan and I spent some time mulling my background, chatting about my recent Faculty Appointment at Berklee College of Music, and the importance of mentorship.

*OTRQ is a New and Noteworthy podcast that’s had a few visits to the Top 10 of Apple Podcasts’ U.S. design chart

Copy of Ursa Major Space Station SST-282



 Summer 2019 Mixing Workshop

Focused Weekly Study

Week 1: Mixing Overview

• Aesthetic: what is the goal?

• Tools: volume, panning, equalization, compression, effects, distortion

• Workspace: session organization, routing, gain staging

Week 2: Perception Studies

• How + where to listen

• Identifying personal biases

• Identifying ear fatigue + how it impacts your mix

Week 3: Compression Controls

• What is compression?

• Settings: threshold, attack, release

• Techniques: attack vs punch, dynamic control, parallel processing, side-chain compression

Week 4: Low End Theory

• Achieving low end clarity

• Frequency masking

• Side-chain techniques: eq + compression

Week 5: Stereo Bus Processing

• Stereo Bus Compression

• Stereo Bus EQ

• Stereo Bus Saturation

• Stereo Bus Limiting

Week 6: Advanced Compression

• Compression “add” tracks

• Subtractive EQ to optimize compression settings

• The power of subtle changes

Week 7: Translation

• Choosing reference mixes

• Listening across multiple systems

• Listening in headphones

Week 8: Effects

• Choosing the right reverb + dialing it in

• Delay techniques

• Effect specific EQ